Policy & Planning

UK Sustainable Fisheries Inshore Pilot project

Review of the management of 26 different small-scale inshore fisheries, using the MSC assessment methodology as an audit tool, to identify strengths and weaknesses, draw up a suitable R&D programme and demonstrate how to bring overall and specific fisheries management within the scope of MSC certification.  This pilot was subsequently used as the model for the roll-out of management improvement programmes in each of the ten new Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities (IFCAs), estab

Moving Suriname seabob towards MSC certification

Working alongside private sector partners in Suriname and Belgium, and with the government of Suriname, provision of advice and mentoring over a five year period in developing and implementing a practical programme of improvements in fishery management, fishing practice, data collection, scientific research and new decision-making structures and protocols, leading to successful MSC certification of this semi-industrial scale developing country fishery.  The speed and extent of the changes

Further definition of the national protected area system for St Helena

As part of the process of developing a formal Local Development Control Plan for the island of St Helena, assistance was given in defining and justifying a coherent network of national parks, nature reserves, international wirebird areas and historic conservation areas to manage and project the natural and historic heritage of this very special island and its peopole.