Techno-economics of industrial scale seaweed cultivation as a feedstock for for onward processing

With increased interest in conversion of biomass to methane or alcohol as an energy source, seaweed has become a recurrent focus of attention.  As part of a technology foresight programme, this comprehensive study examines the techno-economic aspects of industrial scale cultivation of various species of seaweed relative to existing value chains as sources of hydrocolloids, international market conditions, and the costs at which it could be made available to

MSC standard recalibration exercise

As part of the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) work to strengthen its assessment methodology, participation in an exercise to interpret how changes and improvements in the assessment methodology and scoring instructions for Principle 3 might have resulted in different scoring outcomes for sample fisheries that had already achieved certification as well managed.

Seafeeds - Sustainable, Environmental Aquaculture Feeds

The Seafeeds workshop brought together a wide range of expert opinion from all spectrums of the aquaculture debate to advance the understanding of the needs and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture feeds. Representatives from the aquaculture, fisheries and feed industries, food certification, and environmental and research organisations contributed to facilitated discussion, at times splitting off into small single topic working groups. Delegates were charged with specific tasks and areas to debate enabling lively and productive discussion.