About Us

Established in 1979, Nautilus Consultants has consistently provided practical strategic advice to natural resource users, managers and planners. The company has been a long-term proponent of sustainable development (long before this term entered into common usage), taking an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to development problems. Nautilus sets itself apart by providing bridging services between natural resource, environmental, economic, commercial and socio-political interests.

The company's work originally focused on economic planning and commercial development in the fields of fisheries and coastal economies, undertaking work spanning the continents - Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas - as well as a wide range of island economies - in the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

More recently Nautilus has added to and broadened its portfolio of work whilst still continuing to grow its fisheries related business. The company's expanded field of expertise now encompasses rural development, regional planning, market and non-market valuations of development impacts on natural resources, and the use of market driven incentives to sustainable resource management.

Today, the company's workload encompasses all natural resources and is split between work in Western Europe and work elsewhere in the world.